Garden Sprayer

ASE 20022
High quality and %100 local production spraying machines, pump components, chassis and drive trains and unlimited spare parts availability and making the requested equipment changes are provided.
Tanks are made of reinforced polyester and polyethylene and resistant to external effects and corrosion. We are putting 400 lt, 600 lt, 1000 lt, 1600 lt and 2000 lt machines, TURBO spraying systems, LAND spraying (boom) systems, TREE spraying systems and spraying GUNS into your service for spraying and disinfection of any kind of Tree, Cotton, Hops, Tobacco and Vineyards.

ASE 20023
Polyethylene or Polyester tank.
Adjustable Cap screw, High Back, Stable Chasis system
AGRETTO T/81, T/106 or COMET (ltalian) PUMP.
Permanent homogen mixing with Hydraulic mixer.
High speed filling system.
Water absorption feature in the absence ofwater in tank.
Movement from pto shaft (540 rotation/min.)
Easy installation and ergonomic design.
Traction wheels facilitating installation on tractor.

Technical Details

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