Maize & Sugar Cane Harvesting Tray

AGRETTO Maize Harvesting Tray is developed to harvest maize and is designed specifically to operate coupled with the combine harvester. It reduces loss of sweet corn that may occur on the maize harvesting tray during maize harvesting. It is designed in a way to connect it to every type of combine harvester with a small change in the connection kit. Forage choppers activated with the help of a lever are capable of forage chopping with low power consumption via 2 pieces of tungsten carbide coated blades placed on a steel disc.
With the help of a remote control, the operator can adjust apertures between harvesting plates without getting off the cabin. Feed chains guaranteeing operation under severe conditions performs well without requiring any adjustment thanks to automatic stretching system. Optionally offered spirals increase collecting performance of the tray. AGRETTO Maize Harvesting Machine is designed for you to remove your harvest with the easiest method available.

Technical Details

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