Sunflower Harvesting Tray

AGRETTO Sunflower Harvesting Tray is capable of harvesting sunflowers to be used as snacks and for oil making in the field. It reduces labor cost and provides quick harvesting without being affected from climatic factors. It is designed in a way to connect it to every type and brand of combine harvester with a small change in the connection kit. Outstanding harvesting performance proves the necessity of AGRETTO Sunflower Harvesting Tray. It shows its performance for all sunflower species and stalks and centerpieces of sunflowers are used in a trouble-free way.
Sunflower Harvesting Tray will be the first choice for harvesting as an example of agricultural mechanization. A combination of ideal design and machine specifications are the success criteria. AGRETTO Sunflower Harvesting Tray aims to remove your crops from the field without any loss in an easy way.

Technical Details

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